Upper Grades 3-5

Students in upper grades use many different tools to support their learning in the classroom.


Mark Alhness's 3rd grade students blog about many different topics
Brian Crosby's students are now 6th graders, but they started with him as 4th graders. It's amazing how good their writing has become.


Podcasts are recordings that are syndicated. This makes it easy to tell when new episodes are published.
Here are some upper grade podcasts:
  • Room 208 was a very well known and well done podcast by Bob Sprankle's 3rd grade classroom.
  • Students at Miles Magnet in Huntington Park, CA showcase their best writing on a podcast.
  • Our students at Tweedy and many other schools around the district use a podcast for their Reader's Theater reading intervention program. Being published adds an extra layer of meaningfulness for our students, as they can share with relatives and friends in other states and countries.


Wikis are web spaces where students can collaboratively contribute their knowledge in an accountable way.
Some educators are using a wiki to collaboratively add classroom examples of using wikis:
More resources on wikis can be found ati: ReadWriteWeb . More web resources on wikis.


Glogster is a great way to create posters online. Read about how some educators and students are using this tool. http://azk12.org/blog/archives/40-Glogs-Virtual-Online-Posters.html