Since writing in a table is proving to not be a user-friendy feature of Wikispaces, maybe we could work on the different descriptions in text form. We can then cut and paste them later into a table, if needed.
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for what its worth...I've added my take in underline form, BS
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  • ===Creative Use of Music===Music stirs a rich emotional response that matches the story line well.
  • Music is an integral part of the story.
  • Music enhances the story line and provokes appropriate emotional responses.
  • ===Creative Use of Images and/or video===Images and/or video create a distinct atmosphere or tone that matches different parts of the story. The images may communicate symbolism and/or metaphors.
  • Images (Video) add to the story helping the viewer with his/her understanding.
  • Creative Use of Narrative

    Narrative is original (few or no cliches) and uses music/images to augment presentation.
  • Narrative encomposses/contains unique and varied story elements that aid in presentation.
* ===Creative Interpretation of Theme===Complete originality in composition
  • Theme is presented in a new or unique way


  • ===Point of View===Establishes a purpose early on and maintains a clear focus throughout.
  • The story is clear in where its coming from and where its going.
  • Emotional Impact

    Engages the viewer with a sense of purpose. (we wrote that)
  • Relevance of Theme

Content is clearly relevant to story and theme. Message is distinctly clear.
Student project covers the theme in a relatively clear manner.


  • Evidence of Planning (Storyboarding)

    Project is coherent and follows a logical sequence
  • Transparency of the Use of Technology

    Technology is used to convey the content of the presentation but does not become or detract from the content
  • The use of technology enhances but does not detract from the content of the story.
  • ===Flow===The story is told with exactly the right amount of detail throughout. It does not seem to short nor does it seem to long.
  • The story moves along without obstructions presenting a beginning, middle , and end.
  • The storyline has a logical sequence.
  • ===Pacing===The pace (rhythm and voice punctuation) fits the story line and helps the audience really "get into" the story.
  • The story moves along at an acceptable pace engaging the viewer along the way.