This year, all K-8 students are invited to participate in our exciting student competion, using digital storytelling as a tool to showcase their appreciation of a hero. The project is called, "A Hero, as Seen through our Eyes" (do you have a title yet? - a brainstorming session might be in order).
Teams of elementary or middle school students can work collaboratively to tell the story of a hero. Each project shall be no more than 5 minutes long, and should contain text and at least two of the following elements: audio, video, images. Students should use the writing process to plan and develop their project.
Required documents for the project:
Planning documents
  • Brainstorming (a concept web)
* Script
  • Storyboard (links to these are coming)
  • The project can be in a variety of formats. Below are some suggestions.
** Multimedia SlideShow
      • PowerPoint
*** Enhanced Podcast
      • Flash
*** iPhoto or PhotoStory3 document
    • Movie
      • iMovie or MovieMaker document